This article explains how to make your Windows computer more secure by enabling the Secure Sign-In for Windows 10.



Windows secure login (NETPLWIZ) has been available since 2007, and once activated, makes the login screen accessible only after pressing a certain combination of keys, usually Ctrl + Alt + Del. This article makes the following points:

  • Netplwiz security is built into Windows 10 software. 
  • Configures personalised Windows login authentication.
  • It makes Windows’ sign-in process more secure.
  • Blocks programs displaying a fake sign-in screen.
  • Requires a key combination before signing in.
  • Keeps login details safe.
  • Doesn’t replace anti-malware programs.
  • Netplwiz is a simple, free way to improve cybersecurity.


Image Used: File:Windows 10 Fraktal-Wallpaper.png  - Wikimedia Commons