The Rand Corporation has presented compelling research to quantify the challenges to improve the retention rate of women in the workforce and suggested strategies both at strategic unit levels.


Even if you are not a woman in the workforce you know someone who is and what they can bring to the table. As a leader it is your duty to understand your team's challenges, individually and collectively. Like the Australian Air Force the U.S. Coast Guard’s Human Capital Strategy and its Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan 2015–2018 focuses on attracting, recruiting, and retaining its future workforce specifically from the nation's culturally diverse population base. This acknowledges people diversity's inherent capability. A key part of this objective is the advancement and retention of women in the Coast Guard. Rand Corporation has presented compelling research to quantify the challenges and inform improving retention rates of women in the workforce. Suggested strategies involve organisational and management level input, while others can be implemented at unit levels. Being cognisant of the unique challenges facing women in the workforce isn't a matter of supporting feminism, it's a matter of capability and leadership. Got an idea? Share it.