Google will be expanding its range of Apps through Amazon when Windows 11 is released.


Google apps will be available to Windows' users through Amazon. The advantages to Google are:
  • Amazon can block illegal Apps, so legal developers receive a fee.
  • Google is moving to a new, reduced size Android App Bundle (AAB).
  • The ABB will be signed, meaning it can be tracked from the Play Store, allowing developers to more easily recover fees owed.
  • Showcases what's available from Amazon.
  • Doesn't flood the Microsoft Store with copycat apps.
  • Amazon continues to police the apps coming in from Android, saving Microsoft from having to do this. 
  • Increases the number of apps on the new Microsoft Store with minimal effort from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Edge extensions and the Microsoft Store allows users to discover new apps.
  • Increases competition with Apple's App Store.