Download Papers here: 2024 National Defence Strategy and 2024 Integrated Investment Program | About | Defence
Overview:  The 2024 National Defence Strategy focuses on integrated operations, increased funding, modernisation, and strengthening partnerships to secure Australia's future defence.
  1. Adopting a Strategy of Denial: Focusing on defence to prevent adversaries from projecting power into Australia.
  2. Integrated Defence Operations: Ensuring cohesive operations across maritime, land, air, space, and cyber domains.
  3. Increased Defence Funding: Boosting the budget with an additional $5.7 billion over four years and $50.3 billion over the next decade.
  4. Integrated Investment Program: Rebuilt to accelerate and sustain priority capabilities with $38.2 billion allocated over the next decade.
  5. Modern Combat Systems: Focusing on advanced systems like long-range strike and autonomous technologies.
  6. Workforce Development: Enhancing ADF recruitment and retention, including broadening eligibility criteria.
  7. Strengthening Partnerships: Deepening defence ties with the United States under AUKUS and expanding regional collaborations.
  8. Whole-of-Nation Approach: Integrating national resources and infrastructure in the defence strategy.
  9. Economic Security: Protecting Australia’s global economic connections.
  10. Biennial Strategy Updates: Regularly updating the strategy and the Integrated Investment Program to stay responsive to global changes.