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Registration process

Why does The Runway have memberships?

The Runway exists to support the professional development of Australian Air Force members and is open to all ADO employees. The curated content links to contemporary and relevant sources for which members are encouraged to critically analyse, consider alternatives, voice innovations, and contribute to the greater organisational understanding via professional discourse. Comments are moderated by The Runway to ensure an unclassified, inclusive and rank-neutral environment is available to members. To meet this intent necessitates certain measures be implemented to protect the reputation and security of The Runway members, and by affiliation, the ADO. Accordingly, upon requesting a membership you are asked to nominate a username and private email address that doesn't easily identify you by name, rank or role. 

Why should I request a membership on The Runway?

Membership allows you to tailor your professional development experience via additional site features. Non-members will still be able to enjoy the content however, they will not be able to access these additional features including personalising content, commenting, and both live and on-demand online events. 

How do I request to a membership on The Runway?

Users can request an account via the Request membership icon, as long as they have an email address. Your registration request can be successful, users must provide:

  • Defence email address
  • Preferred username that will display on The Runway pages
  • Unit or Branch name

    Why do I need to provide a username?

    The Runway encourages members to engage in rank-flat, respectful discourse in the comments section of content as a means to growing professional understanding. When commenting, your username will appear on articles in place of your name. The unidentifiable username will protect the reputation and security of both The Runway members, and by affiliation, the ADO. If you do not provide a username in the registration request, The Runway team will assign you a username.

    Once I have registered, can I change my username?

    To assist The Runway team in managing the site, users are unable to change their username once it has been created however, you can request it be amended.


    My registration request was declined, why?

    Your account request may have been declined if you are not a member of the Australian Defence Organisation, or if you have provided an inappropriate email address or inappropriate personal email address.

    How long will it take to register me for The Runway?

    The Runway registration process should take no more than two business days.  


    Can non-Defence users get access to Runway?

    Yes. Guest access is by invitation.

    Will Runway work on the DPN?

    Yes however, the DPN may block some sites, particularly non-Defence video/podcast files. The Runway should be accessed on the DPN using Chrome. For the best experience it is recommended to use a stand alone device or PC.

    What devices can I access The Runway from?

    The Runway is device agnostic, it will work on all smart devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops).

    I can’t remember my log in details, what do I do?

    Users can reset their passwords on the log in page by entering their password or email address. If you are still having difficulty, you can contact The Runway via email

    Why is their no single sign-on enabled with DLS content?

    The DLS are currently undergoing the CIOG process to have this enabled. Until then, when navigating to DLS content via The Runway users will be prompted to enter credentials provided in the initial registration email.  


    Does The Runway have a preferred browser?

    The Runway will function via Chrome on the DPN. The best experience remains in the stand alone environment.

    I am receiving an error message from The Runway site, what should I do?

    Contact the Team at with a brief description and screenshot and we will assist you asap. For technical issues contact 133 272. 


    Can I share content to my personal social media?

    The Runway shares with Twitter and LinkedIn. Any sharing of content is limited to the articles only, comments are automatically disabled beyond The Runway. 

    How often will new content (articles, podcasts and videos) be uploaded?

    New content will be uploaded weekly. Engaging with the content, using 'bookmarking' and marking content as 'completed' will optimise search results and personalisation of content. 

    What topics are covered on The Runway?

    Whilst the The Runway is not part of the Air Force's Program Wirraway (PW) courseware on ADELE, it does support PW by providing regularly updated additional resources in:

    • Air & Space Power
    • Leadership
    • Communication & Cognition
    • Military Management
    • Military History

    In order to develop the ‘whole individual’ The Runway also provides a broader depth and breadth of information relevant to the Australian Air Force profession of arms: 

    • Wellbeing
    • Cyber
    • Strategic influences
    • Technology and innovation

    What are the online events about?

    Events will be scheduled in advance to allow for questions to be posed by users and event content will support the greater professional development (PD) effort in the Australian Air Force and partnered forces. The Runway will host events for live and on-demand viewing and provide support to commanders seeking to use the platform to reach their units in support of their PD.   

    I found a valuable article/podcast/video outside of The Runway platform, which I believe is relevant. Can this be published on the portal?

    The Runway welcomes relevant professionally or academically sourced content submissions. To submit content, select the ‘contribute’ icon at the bottom of the home page and follow the prompts.Or, if relevant to the discussion, links can be posted to comments. Note: All content undergoes a thorough vetting process. 

    How do I access content if it is obtained it under a subscription – e.g. Harvard Business Review (HBR)?

    As a portal of links to external content some of The Runway articles may require a subscription to access the full text. In that event you will be prompted for your DLS login details. Don't have a DLS login or the article does not return for any reason? Members can  request the full text article by emailing, a copy of the article will be provided through their document delivery service.

    Where The Runway displays content that is professionally relevant but isn't available at enterprise level (eg. HBR), members can request the full text article by emailing the link to The Runway.  

     What are Runway Flix?

    Runway Flix is the home of videos and podcasts for each of the eight topics. You can filter all content on this page by either video or podcast.  

    Can we play audio books on Runway?


    Are ‘Collections’ written for single PME levels?

    Collections are three or more pieces of content that have been grouped or 'collected' by a single theme. Information covers various content types and PME levels and is continually updated providing a comprehensive collection of information related to that theme.

    Can I download content via a non-DPN device for offline viewing?

    Unfortunately, the operating system (govCMS) does not allow offline viewing.

    Professional development

    By using The Runway, am I completing my PME?

    The Runway is an 'elective pathway' in the Air Force's PME architecture. It is designed to compliment the Air Force's existing directed and core pathways of Program Wirraway and IETs. The Runway provides additional resources and supports members 24/7 to self-pace and self-direct their PD. The Runway is the ‘mortar’ that binds the education and training of core and directed pathways.  

    Why does Runway content come with PME levels?

    Functionally, it allows the user to search content written for their level of organisational experience and allows them to challenge themselves in a measurable way by filtering content by higher PME levels. Supervisors can use this to set challenges and measure performance in the professional development of their troops.

    Does The Runway link to any other PD sites or organisations?

    Initiatives are currently underway to network with other platforms both Australian and international. Watch this space...

    How will The Runway benefit me and my staff?

    Everyone wins when they invest in professional development - it's an enabler and force multiplier. Supervisors can use The Runway to target the development of specific areas in their people. As comments are held in perpetuity subordinate staff can demonstrate their efforts. Anyone can request The Runway to run an online event or curate content that is designed-for-purpose. 

    As a supervisor, why should I direct my staff to complete articles/podcasts/videos?

    No one enjoys mandatory fun, directing takes the enjoyment out of learning. As a supervisor it is your responsibility to develop your subordinates and lead by example. The value and importance of PD to the future of our organisation is a no-brainer. The Runway has done all the hard work for you, all you need to do is get creative with how you will leverage it to improve your self and your team. For assistance with incentives or discuss any ideas, contact the Team at

    Feedback & associated channels

    How are comments on articles moderated?

    The Runway team are notified via email when a comment has been posted against an article and responses are given Mon - Fri. 

    Does The Runway have its own social media accounts?

    The Runway post updates and news to the Air Force's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from time to time. Links to these accounts are located at the bottom of the home page and next to articles for sharing content.