About Runway

The Runway is a professional development portal where complex, theoretical air and space power information is presented to users in an accessible and easy to understand way. The Runway is designed to be a self-directed and personalised experience for the individual user.

It provides Air Force members with articles, research and innovative ideas that have been carefully sourced across a range of nine key topics, these include Air & Space Power, Leadership, Business Skilling, Communication & Cognition, Cyber, Strategic Influences, Technology, Innovation, Wellbeing and Military History.

The Runway works in conjunction with Program Wirraway, the Air Force’s professional military education (PME) architecture. The Program Wirraway ‘core’ pathway is made up of four levels of learning each containing the four broad themes of air power, communications, business skilling and leadership which are also represented in the key topics which can be found on The Runway.

The Runway has a number of mediums to learn from, including articles, interactive video’s and podcasts. When registered and logged in, The Runway allows its users to filter content by topic and PME level, read-time, themed collections and online events. Users have the ability to view their own ‘completed content’, to assist them in demonstrating their professional development and drive to their supervisors and chain of command.

Members are encouraged to critically analyse, consider alternatives, voice innovations, and contribute by commenting and sharing innovative thoughts in the comments field of individual content pieces in a rank neutral environment. Commenting and participating on our online events will particularly benefit those Air Force members looking to demonstrate going the “extra mile” in furthering their own development. The Runway is a platform which allows an inclusive space for its registered members to participate in rank flat discourse.

The Runway is designed to challenge your thinking and push you to take responsibility for your continual development and professional growth. 

Now, more than ever, we are aware of the changing needs of our organisation. The pace of change is faster now than it has been before – and this is the new normal that we, as Air Force members live and work in.