About Runway

The modern Airman* will face unprecedented challenges in an asymmetric and ambiguous security environment. To navigate uncertainty requires a broader level of education. Being informed, both individually and collectively, in terms of both breadth and depth of knowledge is a matter of capability.

The Runway is a professional development portal that provides curated content across key areas considered important to the modern Airman’s understanding of the emerging sphere of conflict. As a digital learning platform, The Runway is ever present and represents the ‘mortar’ to the Air Force’s professional military education (PME) architecture. 

Contemporary and diverse content is curated with the goal to sharpen the intellectual edge of Air Force professional masters who will positively influence joint operational outcomes. The Runway provides an inclusive space for its members where rank flat discourse is encouraged around published content and online events. All comments are moderated by Runway staff and by the members themselves in accordance with The Runway’s Acceptable Use Policy. The Runway exists to support the Airman’s career long journey towards achieving combat and social mastery as a member of the Australian Air Force profession of arms.

*Airman is a doctrinal term that is gender neutral.