An Icelandic firm, deCODE, employs artificial intelligence to correlate genetic data with intricate details of an individual's lifestyle such as diet, personality, relationship preferences, hobbies, and causes of death, aiming to discover statistically significant associations that could be of scientific interest.


  1. Iceland has a small, relatively isolated population with much less genetic variation than other nations creating less background noise.
  2. DeCODE has already contributed to understanding our inherited risk of Alzheimer'sschizophreniacoronary artery diseasecancer, and other chronic illnesses.
  3. Genetics may govern both how much we enjoy exercising and whether we prefer solitary or team physical activity.
  4. It appears that many routine aspects of our daily lives might be partially driven by our genomes such as whether we prefer tea or coffee.
  5. Genetics may support intervention to pre-empt addictive or risk-taking behaviour.


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