To maximise their efficiency, ADF soldiers should embrace manoeuvre warfare to overpower their adversaries, where the emphasis is on agility, aggression, and proactivity.


This article by Aiden Webster published on the Australian Army's web page The Cove, makes a number of points some of these are as follows:
  • ADF soldiers need to understand and employ a manoeuvre warfare mentality to increase their effectiveness.
  • Soldiers need to be agile, aggressive, and proactive to achieve manoeuvre warfare in a modern force.
  • There is no set method to achieve manoeuvre warfare; it must be abstract to ensure the enemy has no idea how to react.
  • The goal of manoeuvre warfare is situationally dependent and forever evolving.
  • The manoeuvre theory applies to all forms of warfare and all levels of command, from the section to the division and above.
  • Manoeuvre warfare provides a force with the aggression required to overwhelm an adversary and rapidly engage and defeat an enemy.


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