Australia has announced a shift in its defence strategy to denial, focused on anti-access/area-denial capabilities in its northern approaches and primary regional area of military interest.


Julian Kerr writing for Janes, notes the following:
  • Australia to adopt a defence strategy of denial focused on anti-access/area-denial capabilities.
  • Long-range and short-range capabilities to deny an adversary freedom of action
  • Non-geographic security threats such as cyber, space, and long-range missile capabilities are to be prioritized.
  • China's assertion of sovereignty over the contested South China Sea is seen as a threat to a global rules-based order* in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Review's recommendations agreed by the government, with six priority areas identified for immediate action.
*Australian governments have defined the global-rules-based order as:
 'A broad architecture of international governance which has developed since the end of the Second World War.'
Rules-Based Order - Lowy Institute
Read the Defence Strategic Review 2023




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