Strong leadership and public support have enabled Fiji to achieve nearly complete vaccination against Covid-19; however, misleading social media and untrustworthy politicians has left PNG with a very low vaccination rate.



Mid 2021, Fiji had one of the world’s highest per capita COVID-19 infection rates. Now it’s 80 % fully vaccinated. In contrast, Papua New Guinea is still only around 1% vaccinated.

Similarities between each country.


  • Fijians have followed the medical guidance and overwhelmingly support vaccination.
  • There is a “no jabs, no job” policy.

Papua New Guinea

  • Massive vaccine hesitancy.
  • People follow social media for information.
  • Australian social media is influential.
  • AstraZeneca is the primary vaccine—the debate about its safety has worried people.
  • Donated vaccines have had to be re-gifted.
  • Pro vaccine politicians lose popularity.
  • Some vaccine patrols have been threatened.
  • Trust in leaders has diminished due to wealth inequalitytransparency and governance.
  • Sadly many people believe that in PNG, COVID-19 will just become another endemic disease.