APC2020: NZDF CAF - Near Region Security Operations

13 min Source: Vudoo
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The shared identity of a small island nation underpins the NZDF approach to building security relationships in the region.


Vast maritime distances have historically isolated the New Zealand (NZ) continent and served their national defence well. However, the threats inherent in the "global commons of space and cyber" has rendered that distance of little consequence. Like all nations in the Indo-Pacific NZ's security is linked to their immediate neighbourhood. However, NZ's search and rescue area of operations extends from the South Pole to the equator and, as a responsible global citizen, they also contribute to the global security environment. Their regional security challenges, like Australia's, are therefore broad and shared by their immediate neighbourhood. Of primary concern to such a small Pacific nation is the ability to maintain strong resilience and good governance in the wake of climate change and its effects on food and water security, cultural identity, and domestic security. NZ strive to achieve this through a framework of pacific partnerships, increasing operational support in the South Pacific, applying a people-to-people principle in their neighbourhood dealings, and taking a broad view of security threats.