A Competitive 21st Century Acquisition System

51 min Source: YouTube


The USAF are evolving capability delivery to meet the fast-paced and competitive geostrategic environment.


To go the distance in a fast-paced, interconnected and competitive world, the current hegemony is increasingly dependent on its collective ability to shape, deter and respond to threats using military power. Power that harnesses integrated and competitive, economic and technological advantage. Today, Defence's traditionally linear and stove-piped acquisition, innovation and sustainment processes are no longer 'fit for purpose' in achieving such an advantage. Australia’s Force Structure Plan 2020  is designed with this in mind. Dr Will Roper outlines ways the USAF are engineering their competitive edge for a deft, digital and disruptive air force by expanding industry partnerships from a few to many, reducing a critical supply vulnerability. He describes how innovating in leadership and sustainment, and developing agile software shrink the acquisition OODA loop to deliver innovative outcomes faster. How can Dr Roper's ideas be employed to shape and grow Australian defence and industry partnerships to deliver capabilities that can counter the emerging threats?