Leadership: Take Extreme Ownership

14 min Source: TEDX University of Nevada Jocko Willink


Retired Navy Seal Officer explores the lessons of war to demonstrate how taking on 'extreme ownership' as a leadership value will secure your leadership performance.


A leader cannot, not influence and military leaders are judged for their decision making, team building and leadership abilities. Something retired Navy Seal Officer, Jocko Willink, speaks on as he reflects on his operational tour in the 2006 Battle of Ramadi. He and his team made mistakes. However, his takeaway was to see the value in a leader who inspires through acts of moral courage as they accept full responsibility for their team's actions. Inspiring people in teams to push back their individual and collective boundaries, necessarily means mistakes are going to be made. However, leaders who own this process will grow teams built on moral courage, integrity and trust which galvanises the bond and resilience between the team and their leader, and maintains mission focus. Each of the services lead differently, for different reasons. Will this need to change as we move towards an integrated and joint combat force?