This article outlines four simple steps to help create better leadership that can help bring out the best in a team.



Whether you’re talking about sport or business, it takes more than one great performer to make a championship team. In this article, ‘The 4 steps to building an all-star leadership team’, Jason Hennessey uses the example of former basketballer Michael Jordan who led the Chicago Bulls to six championships. However, he points out that Jordan’s talent alone would not have given the Bulls their titles without an equally motivated and committed team. Great leaders guide, analyse and strategise. They also assess and reassess, implement and motivate. But to build an executive leadership team, Hennessey lists four simple steps that should lead to success:

  1. Understand your own strengths
  2. Leverage the strengths of others
  3. Create cohesion
  4. Pass on the energy.

Hennessey discusses each of the four steps that, if applied properly, should help empower leaders to inspire each other and those around them.