Six behavioural shifts a new leader can make to improve their effectiveness.


Commencing a military leadership role is challenging for anyone. You have additional responsibilities, accountabilities bring new pressures, and you may even have to now supervise those you previously worked with. You are now in the position to be asking others to do those same things you never wanted to do when in their shoes.The Centre for Creative Leadership has identified six ways to be a leader everybody adores. While being adored is not the goal in the military context of leadership, being respected and trusted is. It's going to take a lot more than being liked to achieve a mission. That said, the Centre's suggestions are a useful addition to what should be the ever-growing toolbox of leadership tools you should be looking to acquire to support you throughout your career. You will further expand skills and knowledge through your PME, and what you're doing right now is a great start - keep going! This article is one of the many sources of assistance available to help prepare you not only get on top of the challenges but emerge as a leader.