The evolution of AI is changing the nature of war for both conventional and unconventional forces.


Technology may be ones and nones, but it isn't black and white. Take artifical intelligence (AI) for example, it will steadily become more useful, to both conventional and unconventional forces as it slowly evolves. States possessing large conventional forces will continue to pursue their national interests without triggering a military response (aka unconventional warfare/grey zone activities) if they are unable to counter US and allied conventional forces. This is where the employment of AI-enabled offensive capabilities will likely be employed. Leveraging their distinct lack of a physical signature and, consequently, the increased opportunity for plausible deniability of nefarious actions by a state/non-state actors or proxies. However, could combining AI with intelligence sharing between organisations like the 'FiveEyes' community, create a quantum defence capability? One that might enable states like Australia and its allies to defend themselves from both conventional and unconventional, AI-enabled attacks.