Rolls Royce's has tested its new electric aircraft.



Rolls-Royce is a sustainability-focused engineering company (not to be confused with BMW owned Rolls Royce cars). Details of its first electric small plane, the "Spirit of Innovation", are:

  • Its maiden flight achieved around 15 minute's flight.

  • A flight-testing phase will evaluate electrical power and propulsion systems.

  • It utilises a 400-kilowatt 536bhp single propeller electric powertrain with a power-dense battery pack.

  • Start-up YASA and Electroflight provide the motor and controller.

  • 300+ miles per hour is the aim, hopefully breaking the current record of 213 mph before the Nov 2021 UN Climate Change Conference.

  • 50% of the funding comes from the Aerospace Technology Institute and the U.K. government.

  • Part of a program to develop electric commuter and vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

  • Complements hydrogen-powered aircraft from ZeroAvia and Airbus.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, air travel is "currently the most carbon-intensive activity an individual can make."