Advances in concrete production are making concrete more robust, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.


The  University of Michigan has developed concrete that uses industrial waste products to reduce CO2 emissions by 80-90 %. Cement production contributes 7% of the world's carbon emissions. CO2-infused concrete is stronger, bendable and locks up greenhouse gasses. The key to producing an eco-friendly concrete while at the same time, increasing strength is to add carbonation curing and limestone calcined clay, which produces concrete that needs less steel reinforcement. Australia and the US both need to build infrastructure in the Pacific; see: For the RAAF, there's not a lot of concrete in the Pacific and US Air Force is sending fighters to remote Pacific airfields. Further note, the following Pacific nations urge world to 'get serious' on climate change. Then consider the importance of how eco-friendly concrete allows Australia and the US to build runways and other infrastructure in the Pacific and at home that should reduce CO2 emissions.