CNET Magazine identifies what it considers to be the most important innovative technology developed during 2020.


At the end of every year, CNET, a highly reputable technology magazine, selects the most innovative technology developed during the previous year. The 2020 CNET top four innovation award winners were as follows:

O1.  Breakthrough mRNA vaccine for COVID-19. Pfizer and Modern developed this vaccine in record-breaking time, and so far, it has proven to be 95% effective.

02. Eero Pro 6 and Asus ZenWifi AX.  With more people working from home wifi speed has become much more important—this wifi-6 router using a tri-band design that makes working at home much easier.  

03. Apple M1 chip. This chip has the power to run a laptop but with the battery life of a mobile phone.

04. Orchid VPN. Which uses blockchain to ensure that a third party cannot monitor your computer usage.

Worth thinking about what other types of technology might make it easier to work from home.