The British Defence Review opts for a smaller but technologically advanced force that, with less equipment and fewer people—can better deal with current and future threats to UK security.


In March 2021, the UK Government released the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy.   See also Integrated Review 2021: Summary. Note that the UK plans to focus more on the Indo-Pacific region. UK Defence spending is predicted to be 2.2% of GDP—In 2019 Australia spent 1.9 % and the USA 3.4%. The main points of the UK Review are:

  • Acquisition of new vehicles.
  • Long-range rocket systems.
  • More drones, electronic warfare and cyber.
  • Forces to spend more time overseas to support allies.
  • The Royal Marines to become a new Future Commando Force, assimilating many SAS and SBS functions.
  • Development of a Future Combat Air System and building a ‘digital backbone.
  • Significant investments in Space. 
  • Possibly more nuclear weapons.

The aim is to increase the deployability of UK forces and to provide them provide with a technology advantage. Consider the implications for Australia of the UK's Defence Review.