The Conversation argues that digital intelligence is crucial for Australian prosperity and security; therefore, the government should be prepared to provide more funding.


The 2021-22 Federal Budget unveiled a Digital Economy Strategy to make Australia ‘a leading digital economy and society by 2030’. The Tufts University Digital Intelligence Index includes factors such as:

  • Digital payment and logistics infrastructure.
  • Internet usage.
  • Regulations.
  • Research.

Tufts gave Australia a current digital intelligence world ranking of 17. 

The priorities of the Digital Economic Strategy are:

  • Education.
  • Support for small and medium enterprises.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Artificial intelligence -$124.2 million over six years.
  • Drones.
  • Data sharing.
  • Support of government services.
  • Tax incentives.

Much of the current funding goes to improving MyGov and My Health Record. Improved digital intelligence is crucial to economic recovery from COVID-19. This article argues that Australia needs about 60,000 new technology workers every year for the next five years but currently produces only about 7,000 IT graduates.