Artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, 3D printing, drones, cell and gene therapy could all see massive growth in 2021 disrupting many organisations.


'Disruptive innovation' is using new technology that changes the world. Some of these innovations are: 

  • Deep (computer) Learning: using (AI)to power conversational computers and self-driving vehicles.

  • The Reinvention of the Data Centre: using AI (Qubit?) chips.

  • Virtual Worlds: video games, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), accessible by all 24/7.

  • Digital Wallets: that should increase competition between financial institutions.

  • Bitcoin Fundamentals

  • Bitcoin: Preparing for Institutions

  • Electric Vehicles: are getting close to combustion engine prices and range.

  • Automation: should increase national wealth.

  • Autonomous Ride-Hailing

  • Delivery Drones

  • Orbital Aerospace

  • 3D Printing will revolutionize manufacturing.

  • Long Read Sequencing

  • Multi-Cancer Screening

  • Cell and Gene Therapy: Generation 2

Consider which of the above technologies might have the most significant impact on ADF capability.

This article is based on the predictions of ARK Invest. Their ideas are for discussion only. The Runway does not endorse their investment strategy.