This article suggests that organisations that need to manage remote workers might consider employing a specialist as Head of Remote.


As organisations, including Defence, embrace remote working and start to put into place flexible working arrangements, it is becoming apparent that remote workers need a manager with specialist skills. According to Darren Murph, it’s time to consider a Head of Remote. The nature of the company would influence how a Head of Remote would work; however, tasks may include the following:

Skills to undertake this role could include: 

  • Exceptional communication skills, especially in written form. 
  • Flexibility to act across departments—having allies in every department and being well-connected.
  • A visionary and problem solver—someone who can research best-practice and apply it.

Remote work expertise and leadership should become a highly marketable skill set. And as companies employ a Head of Remote, workers might begin to feel better supported, connected, engaged, and valued wherever they work.