The US Dept of Defense has announced that the Navy’s primary research and development agency has successfully tested an all-electric, high-energy laser.


This article by Justin Katz, writing for Breaking Defense, makes the following points:
  • The Office of Naval Research conducted the test at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico in February 2022 but has only just announced the results.
  • The weapon, called the Layered Laser Defense, is built by Lockheed Martin and can be used to counter drones and fast-attack boats.
  • The test involved shooting down a target representing a subsonic cruise missile in flight.
  • The Navy said the laser took out multiple targets in addition to a cruise missile; these targets included quadcopter drones and other UAVs.
  • The Navy—and the US Dept of Defense—have become increasingly interested in directed energy weapons in recent years.


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