The future of ‘smart’ cities is in, among other things, smart streetlights.



In Sydney alone, there over 100,000 streetlights which are currently being converted to LED’s, saving around $1m pa. ‘Smart’ LED fixtures can do much more than provide cheap lighting; for example; they can:

  • Find parking spaces.
  • Analyse traffic patterns.
  • Monitor air quality.
  • Warn of thunderstorms.
  • Bring revenue through advertising.
  • Assist emergency services.
  • Define emergency routes.
  • Host mobile phone equipment.

There are concerns, however, for example:

  • Unchecked surveillance.
  • Visual pollution.
  • Electromagnetic radiation health concerns

Town and city councils can now use technology to upgrade existing infrastructure and services to improve the quality of urban living; for example, note the following initiatives:

Can you think of any other areas that could be enhanced using smart technology?