This article discusses the importance of empathy in the workplace by referring to studies and the opinions of various leadership experts.


Leadership author Alain Hunkins is one of many leadership specialists espousing the benefits of empathy in the workplace. Hunkins refers to a 2021 Businessolver study that found 84% of CEOs and 70% of employees believed empathy delivered better business outcomes. Yet, 68% of CEOs surveyed said they feared they would be less respected if they showed empathy. In this article, Hunkins shares the views of other leadership experts who claim that having empathy for your subordinates aids in creating a culture of accountability and boosts productivity. One of those mentioned in Hunkins's article—Jen FisherDeloitte’s Chief Well-Being Officer—believes there are three Daily Empathy Practices.

  1. Show vulnerability and be authentic
  2. Encourage and promote self-care
  3. Ask questions and listen

As mentioned in Hunkins's article, your employees do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.