Bad world news such as—covid, the Russian invasion of Ukraine etc., might distract members of your team; however, as a manager, you have to be able to balance the need for compassion with the need to get the job done.


This article by Amy Gallo, writing for HBR, makes the following points:
  • First, take some time to understand your own emotions. 
  • You’ll be better able to support your team and model resiliency if you acknowledge and manage any stress and anxiety you feel.
  • Acknowledge what’s happening—noting that feelings of concern and distress can’t be ignored or repressed.
  • Encourage your employees to have self-compassion and acknowledge that stress is a normal response to feeling out of control or threatened.
  • Ask your people what they need to help get them through any challenging periods. 
  • Remember that empathy forms the basis of trust so that you can move into problem-solving mode.


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