In 1956 the Soviet Union ruthlessly crushed the Hungarian Uprising against Soviet rule.


This article by C N Trueman on the History Learning Site makes the following points:
  • Hungary came under Soviet control in 1945.
  • puppet leader was installed.
  • 100’s of tanks and 1,000’s of Soviet troops were stationed in Hungary.
  • When Soviet dictator Stalin died in 1953, Hungary hoped for freedom.
  • New Soviet leader Khruschev denounced Stalin and sacked the Hungarian puppet leader.
  • Hungarians weren’t satisfied and began protesting in 1956.
  • Demands included personal freedom, more food, the removal of the secret police, the removal of Russian control etc.
  • The Red Army pulled out, and the new Hungarian leader, Imre Nagy, allowed political parties.
  • Soviet critic Cardinal Mindszenty was released from prison.
  • In October 1956, Nagy announced Hungary’s withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact.
  • The Soviet Union then invaded Hungary, and approximately 30,000 Hungarians were killed.
  • Nagy was executed and buried in an unmarked grave.
  • The US and Western Europe only offered moral support as they had no wish to risk a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.
  • The USA and the UK were preoccupied with the Suez Crisis.


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