Innovative technology leverages light to provide unique camouflage, tracking and detection properties as well as a potential strike capability.


Innovation doesn't get any better than this. A Canadian company, Hyperstealth, has developed game-changing technology, particularly with two of their four pending patents. Quantum Stealth has potential air related application for force and asset protection via its highly agile, inexpensive, scalable material able to cloak almost any 'thing' as it bends light around an object to create the illusion of invisibility. What about adapting the material to shroud airframes like drones in the future? It is no longer outside the realm of possibility. Laser Deviation, Manipulation and Scattering has potential air power applications such as ISR, strike, and control of the air, as well as unprecedented battlespace awareness with granular levels of detail. Combined with LIDAR, provides the ability to detect and track airborne assets like hypersonic missiles or conventional and stealth aircraft from long distances.