An experienced US marine corps veteran provides his opinion on what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.


Ivan F. Ingraham, a Marine Corps veteran, makes the following points about the 2022-Russo-Ukraine conflict:
  • The Russians expected a short war.
  • The Russians have failed to combine their air, sea and ground forces into a joint force.
  • Russia also failed to use its special ops forces to work effectivity to disrupt Ukrainian troops from behind their lines.
  • Russian intelligence and command and control have proven inadequate.
  • They find it difficult to sustain their troops as Russian convoys are vulnerable to Ukraine attacks.
  • Russian forces are too spread out, which makes force protection very difficult.
  • Russia failed to conduct effect cyberattacks against the Ukraine prior to the invasion.
Ingraham wrote this on 10 March 2022, and the situation might have changed since then.
However, it is also worth noting the following comment:
When reading the news it is also important to be aware of Confirmation Bias'....This from Britannica:
confirmation bias, the tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs


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