Rules governing the introduction of a new government procurement panel were introduced in the 2020 Federal Budget and require federal government agencies to report annually on total spending on contracts and consultancies.


The Department of Finance will 'establish a whole-of-government procurement panel for consultancy services to increase transparency through improved data and reporting'. This panel should enable the government to establish the most effective way to use public service and consultancy/contractor services. New rules on using consultants and contractors were introduced as part of the government's 2020 budget, and officially come into effect from the 2020-21 year onward. The Finance Minister wants agencies to report the amount spent on the largest contracts 'to ensure consistency across all agencies'. The Minister noted that 'the appropriate use of external specialists is an efficient way to bring in cutting-edge skills, technological advances and a wider diversity of views, at the best possible cost for taxpayers'. This is precisely what Defence's First Principles are all about. If you are managing a contract in Defence, it is prudent for you to acquaint yourself with the new procurement reporting rules.