Drone delivery is a disruptive technology that is likely to impact the nature of work, privacy, and the environment's management.


Drone delivery is being trialled by Wing (indirectly owned by Google) in Canberra and Logan in Queensland. Key points are:

  • Drone delivery should transform the skies, by changing expectations for speedy delivery.
  • New drone regulations are being written to take into account noise, environmental impacts, safety, insurance, security and privacy.
  • Customers sign up and place orders via an app.
  • Local base stations fill the order and fly to the customer—delivery time around 10 minutes.
  • The packages are lowered to customers by winch.
  • The delivery drones can operate out of the operator’s line of sight.
  • Flight is fully autonomous, with one pilot monitoring several drones at once.

Issues with drone delivery:



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