Pro-Russian forces continue to launch cyberattacks against Ukraine and are undertaking an unrelenting pursuit to cause as much damage as possible to Ukrainian targets.


This article by Dan Goodin, writing for Ars Technica, makes the following points:
  • According to Google, one of the more recent cyber attacks against Ukraine came from Turla—a Russian-speaking, sophisticated threat actor, active since 1997.
  • Turla has targeted pro-Ukrainian volunteers with Android apps that posed as launch pads for performing denial-of-service attacks against Russian websites.
  • Other hacking groups sponsored by the Kremlin have also targeted Ukraine. Campaigns include the exploitation of Follina, the name given to a critical vulnerability in all supported versions of Windows.
  • The European Union has called out the Russian government, noting that a recent distributed denial-of-service campaign was only the latest example of cyberattacks launched since its invasion of Ukraine.


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