The American withdrawal from Afghanistan, closely followed by AUSMIN talks, provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen Australia’s security through ANZUS.



This Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) article on the future of the Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty (ANZUS) makes the following points:

  • ANZUS is now 70 years old.
  • Few alliances last this long.
  • Members "consult" and "act" if another party is attacked.
  • What sort of action is unclear.
  • ANZUS suits Australian and US national interests, not sentimentality.
  • Afghanistan shows self-help in defence is required of US partners.
  • For Australia, the alliance remains vital.
  • With Japan, we need to sustain American engagement in the Indo-Pacific and dramatically improve our military.
  • The US ANZUS value proposition is having Australia lead stability in the Pacific island community and Timor-Leste and help shape Southeast Asian security, countering China.
  • Pine Gap, broad Asia–Pacific intelligence, on the ground, small, capable military forces, and Australia's geography make us useful to the US.
  • AUSMIN provides the opportunity to step up the alliance by:
  • Basing a Marine Air-Ground Task Force in Darwin.
  • Australia is encouraging a permanent US air force and navy presence in northern Australia through refitting bare bases.