Following Ukraine’s successful attack on the Kerch bridge, an embarrassed Vladimir Putin has ordered a new round of sackings of senior Russian military commanders.


This article by Mick Ryan, writing for ABC-Australia, makes the following points:
  • General Sergei Surovikin has been appointed as the commander of Russia's 'special military operation' in Ukraine.
  • For now, however, Russia's failed strategy to usurp Ukrainian land continues.
  • One of the classical principles of war is the unity of command*. 
  • In simple terms, all deployed forces should operate under a single commander.
  • Until now, the Russians do not appear to have been operating under a single commander.
  • However, the flaws in Russia's battlefield performance are more deeply rooted than just bad Russian command and control.

*........ unity of command facilitates concentration of force and economy of effort while enhancing flexibility. See: Sanu Kainikara WP31-Principles-of-War-and-Air-Power.pdf (


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