Strong and consistent leadership has resulted in Colonel Robert Powell being the first US Army Reserve Officer to be promoted to flag rank in the Cyber Branch.


The US Army Reserve's importance is indicated by Army Reserve Cyber Officer Robert Powell's recent promotion to flag rank (Brigadier General and above). There are only 130 general officers out of over 200,000 US Army Reserve personnel. Powell's promotion shows it can be career-enhancing to be a cyber specialist while at the same time possessing outstanding leadership qualities. Powell had previously commanded the US Army Reserve Cyber Protection Brigade and supported the Cyber National Mission Force. Now deputy commanding general 335th Signal Command (Theater)   Powell noted:

'It was truly amazing to work with all of these young rock stars and see how the different services come together, and as a team, they arrive at solutions faster than as individual services.' See The Army Reserve's 1st Cyber General 

Powell's promotion demonstrates how vital the Army Reserve is to the US Army. Consider whether more can be done to encourage those with high-level cyber-skills to join the ADF Reserve.