The USMC plans to become a more capable and mobile force.


USMC Commandant, General David Berger, is trying to transform the corps into a more mobile and potent force. He notes that control of the sea and sea denial operations, both from the sea and the coastline, is a critical naval capability. Berger wants a lighter, more agile force operating in the maritime domain rather than fulfilling a supplementary army ground combat role. The proposed force structure includes: air and ground uninhabited platforms; uninhabited long-range surface and subsurface vehicles; mobile rapidly deployable rocket systems, long-range precision fire; loitering munitions across the battlespace; mobile air defence and counter-precision guided munitions capabilities; signature management; electronic warfare and expeditionary airfields. As a large military the US has the means to do this. How could a medium force, like the ADF, adapt itself to become more potent and mobile?