It’s the era of working-from-home and the ‘great resignation’—so leaders might need the courage to do things differently.


Leadership author Jim Detert argues that most leadership views today are less than sufficient in this new age of doing business, and it's time to re-think our ideas. For example, acting like a know-it-all isn't appreciated. Instead, Detert says you need to admit when you don't know something and apologize if you do the wrong thing.

Good leaders know their job is about doing important work on behalf of others and are willing to engage, delicately, in difficult conversations. Below are some starting points Detert believes are better options for today's leadership and business environment:

Finally, courageous leaders surround themselves with and promote people who help them learn by challenging rather than flattering them. They reward rather than punish those who try new things, even when things don't necessarily go well.


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