New technology spurred on by COVID-19 offers the opportunity for more interesting and productive work.


The changes caused by COVID-19 seem likely to continue to influence the way we work but also point to a more positive work environment in 2021. A good example of workplace innovation is the company that has decided to blur the zoom conferencing background so participants can better read body language and connect with colleagues. Others are trying virtual reality or augmented reality to improve communication by making the virtual world more like the real world. Other changes involve the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Productivity takes on a new meaning in a world where automation and artificial intelligence will probably dominate repetitive processes. The future of work will focus on the human skills that at this stage, cannot be replicated by an AI. Humans will still have a place in enhancing AI run processes. Can you think of any changes that are likely to affect the way you might work during 2021?