Liam Garmin argues that it is in the interests of both Australia and the USA for Australia to acquire the B-21 Raider.


The first of the new B-21 long-range strike aircraft is expected to be ready for test flights early in 2022, and it is hoped the aircraft will be rolled out to the US Air Force in the mid-to-late 2020s. The B-21 is expected to be the world’s most advanced, cost-effective long-range strike capability. Some commentators are now arguing that Australia should seek to procure the aircraft from the US. Australian Aviation contributor Liam Garman argues:

  • Australia should convince the US that it is in the interests of both countries to sell the new B-21 Raider to Australia. 
  • The B-21 would provide huge capability improvements for Australia’s current fleet.
  • The B-21 will have three or four times the range of the F-35.

The price of acquisition would be less than the cost of procuring Australia’s new frigates, submarines and armoured vehicles.