This article claims that far too many Australian innovations are being overlooked by Defence, leading to those technologies being developed offshore.


In this article, Charley Feros discusses the difficulty Australian innovators face when they try to bring new concepts and technologies to the attention of the Defence sector. Feros is an innovator and businessman and makes the following points regarding the problems innovators face in Australia:

  • Despite offering excellent products, Australian start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises are faced with a 'maze', of inconsistent processes.
  • Innovators have no clear pathway' to gaining acceptance by Australia's Defence establishment.
  • Too many cutting-edge technologies are ending up on the cutting-room floor. 
  • Many great Australian products and services go offshore to become commercially viable.
  • Now is the time to revamp the system.

Feros notes that:

'Australians have a history of punching above their weight but… it's very much a case of help us, help you.'