This article examines why Russia objects to the Quad and is concerned about the momentum the QUAD seems to be gaining.



Russia expert, Professor Ian Hill, claims Moscow is deeply concerned about the growing momentum of the Quad. Hill says the dust on the March Quad summit had barely settled when Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited ChinaSouth KoreaIndia and Pakistan. The visit was an attempt to underscore Russia's continuing relevance in the Asian region. Lavrov has described the Quad as part of a US-led policy designed to ensnare India's 'anti-China games'. Hill says Russia is concerned because:

  • Moscow sees the Quad as a potential game-changer, disrupting Russia's position and strategy in Asia.
  • Moscow worries the Quad, perceived as a US-orchestrated security coalition against China, will complicate Russia's efforts to strike some balance in its relationships with China and other key Asian countries.

If the Quad gains momentum, Russia fears it will become more isolated and be compelled into greater dependence on China.