This article cites two recent US reports to argue that the US needs a separate Cyber Force to deal successfully with future AI-controlled cyber-attacks.


This article highlights two recent reports:

These reports note that the U.S. faces a significant future threat from the cyber-domain as follows:

  • Cyber is the oxygen upon which the U.S. military depends for nearly every element of its vast war-fighting capabilities.
  • The Department of Defense must bring a new focus to address the military dimensions of the cyber challenge.
  • The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence concluded that America 'will not be able to defend against AI-enabled threats' without new war-fighting paradigms.'
  • The transformative value of a Cyber Force on the military's entire concept of warfare, could dramatically shift how the USA fights its future wars.
  • A Cyber Force can be the driving catalyst that forces the U.S. military to change the way it fights.
  • The value of transforming the Pentagon to focus more on cyber-war far outweighs the costs of standing up a new service.