If you are working from home and need a bigger screen—consider buying a 4K TV to use as a computer monitor.


Before using a 4K TV as a monitor, you need three things.

  1. First, ensure your laptop/PC has an HDMI output or USB C port.
  2. An appropriate cable to connect your computer to the TV.
  3. That you can activate the TV’s PC or gaming mode.

If you have an older desktop, you may get away with just upgrading the video card, but you will need to upgrade if you use an old laptop.

The optimal size is 48 - 65”, depending on space and preference.

Having a 4K TV is better value than a monitor because:

  • Usually much cheaper than a dedicated computer monitor.
  • When not in use as a monitor, it’s a smart TV.
  • Better calibration and adjustment controls.
  • Better speakers and streaming.