The Strategist's Shoebridge thinks that if the Ukrainian military has upgraded its weapons capability in eight years—why does it take Australia so long to upgrade ADF weapon systems.


This article by Michael Shoebridge in the Strategist makes the following points:
  • Australia has failed to act with any urgency to improve its military capability.
  • Military capability is only like to increase after 2035 and only starts to grow after 2035, and then only slowly.
  • Allies, rather than partners, are crucial for protection.
  • Ukrainian partial self-reliance contrasts with the well-equipped but foreign dependant Afghan military.
  • Ukraine uses innovative, agile, mobile, lethal forces, Starlink, smartphones and Facebook pages deploying Turkish armed drones and anti-tank missiles.
  • Shoebridge argues that Australia isn't adopting regionally appropriate new concepts and weapons.
  • The ADF has a little bit of everything and not much of anything.
  • Deterrence requires effective weapon systems to deliver the required level of military capability.
  •  Essential to consider capability, not just economic costs.
Please note this is the personal opinion of Michael Shoebridge, writing for the ASPI's Strategist magazine.


Source The Strategist (ASPI):