In demonstrating the importance of voice recognition technology allied to Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft is buying Nuance, a voice recognition company.


Microsoft is buying Nuance, a company known for its widely-used speech recognition software such as Dragon and Apple's Siri; both Dragon and Siri use an AI to help turn speech into text. Nuance also has a significant market in providing medical professionals with speech recognition software. Microsoft was particularly interested in Nuances medical speech software. Nuance has created an extensive medical terminology database and can turn a medical professional's speech into text with a high degree of accuracy. Other Nuance applications include:

  • Telehealth appointments on Microsoft Teams.
  • Conversations between financial advisers and their clients.
  • Authentication of voices to unlock online accounts.
  • Chatbot services for telecommunications firms and other sectors.

Worth noting that we all have a unique voiceprint which is much like a fingerprint. Speech recognition technology allows government departments and other organisations to be more efficient and has potential security and account management implications.