Raj Girn believes a person’s mindset can hold them back from being a truly great leader—but she says there are solutions.


Business mentor Raj Girn says that when you have experienced a true leader's profound impact, it is time to ask yourself how you can become this leader. To achieve this, Girn believes the journey is a lot easier with a good business/personal coach. Girn says that no one should expect to learn from a leader who is not being led. She states that personal problems almost always manifest themselves in work life, which is why a coach is so important. It goes without saying that when people are happy in every aspect of their life, they are more productive, innovative, and creative. Girn also points out that many people believe they are only as good as their current salary, but that will only hold you back. She says the fundamental ingredient to finding the true leader within you is all in your mindset.