In Conversation - MH370

38 min Source: RAAF
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In Conversation - MH370



This podcast contains material that listeners may find distressing. If you require support, please consider contacting Lifeline Australia (+61 13 11 14) or Open Arms (+61 1800 011 046).


In this episode of "In Conversation", FLTLT Dean Squire discusses the extensive search for Malaysian flight MH-370, which disappeared in 2014 with 239 people on board.

The episode features insights from AIRCDRE Andrew Heap, FLTLT Russell Adams, and SQNLDR Jessica Aldred, covering the challenges of the search operation, including the vast scale of the search area and the difficulties posed by environmental conditions.

Additionally, the podcast highlights the intense international media interest and the Air Force's strategic communication efforts, along with the emotional impact on the search teams and the ongoing hope for resolving the MH-370 mystery.