Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

11 min Source: Youtube


The relationship between task complexity and reward affects motivation.


Dan Pink’s TED talk on the science of motivation is one of the 10 most watched of all time - over 17 million views. In this animated version, get an entertaining summary of his argument, that motivation and successfully leading teams is driven by three key tenets: autonomy, mastery and purpose. If you have just taken on the new responsibility of leading teams, or are reflecting on how you are going to lead your teams through the transition to new and more complex systems, Pink presents a powerful, pithy and employable model. Consider giving a little more autonomy and observe the performance. Encouraging mastery through self-directed professional development. Break down the 'so what' by contextualising how your direction, and their task outcomes, influence strategic outcomes. To find out more, Dan Pink’s book ‘Drive; the surprising truth about what motivates us’ is available from the Defence Library Service. Have you had experience with Pink's view and did it challenge or resonate with your views on using incentives as a motivator to improve performance?