Ep2 - Women in Leadership – CMDR Phillipa Hay

48 min Source: CoTR Podcast
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Commander (CMDR) Phillipa Hay from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) talks about her life growing up in Tasmania, her early career and experiences within the RAN through to her current role as the Commanding Officer of HMAS Moreton.


In this episode of Conversations on The Runway, CMDR Hay joins Michael Veitch to discuss her life  and career in the RAN; from sailing around the world at the age of 10 with her family, through to being the first female Commander of the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise RIMPAC.

CMDR Hay also discusses change within the RAN over her career, the range of opportunities she has experienced in Australia and abroad, and how the RAN has evolved over the past 20 years to become an organisation that truly values its people.